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Why Packet Analysis?  Why us?

Having trouble isolating application or network slowdowns? Tired of finger pointing between departments?  Let a highly-trained, experienced, neutral Detective use the evidence to quickly find the real culprit.

Experienced Professionals

The team at Network Detectives are experienced professionals. Whether you need packet analysis, training in that analysis or one-on-one coaching, we can help you.

Unique Approach

The Network Detectives technique is based on capturing packets between two entities. It is the only way to troubleshoot what is really happening. Some clients prefer to learn how to troubleshoot for future issues.  Some want to hand the case over.  We can work either way.

Private or Small Groups

Some people learn best on their own; others prefer learning in groups. With Network Detectives, you can choose the environment that works best for you. 

Remote Trace Analysis 

Sometimes network engineers or software developers are already collecting trace files. You may be gathering data, but often need an expert to provide an unbiased and professional reading of the trace. Network Detectives is here to help.  Files can be uploaded via our Secure FTP site and analyzed right away.


About Network Detectives

It's slow!! It doesn't work!!

When users complain about their applications being slow, they may suspect many different causes. They blame the network, the application, the servers - they blame you. At Network Detectives, we sift through the clues. From user interviews to packet analysis with Wireshark, we leave no stone unturned until we find the real culprit.

Network Detectives specializes in:
  • providing application and network performance consulting
  • on-site set-up and configuration of packet capture equipment
  • remote trace file analysis
  • troubleshooting network and application issues
  • investigating and determining the health of your network
  • recommending improvements for future infrastructure plans and purchases
We enjoy uncovering network problems, suggesting solutions, and teaching others how to fix their own network-related issues. By being both instructors and analysts, we are able to bring real world experience into the classroom, as well as bring theories and concepts from the classroom into the real world.  

Our Expertise

Packet analysis can be overwhelming.  Network Detectives is experienced using the hardware and software necessary to gather the right data, in the right place and at the right time.

Whether it is capturing data with Wireshark, tcpdump or a vendor product, we have 20 years of experience reading the data and finding the issue. 
Our Expertise:
  • Wireshark, layers 2-7 of packet analysis
  • Packet Brokers
  • Taps & SPANs
  • Classroom teaching, small groups and one on one

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